2016 Annual Report

Dear United War Veterans Council Supporter:

I hope this message finds you well and enjoying the season.

Attached please find UWVC’s 2016 Annual Report. This is our first year producing such a document, so thank you for accepting it in April, as we have been working to fine-tune its contents.

It has been a pleasure and honor to serve as president of this fine organization. I’m grateful to our board of directors and advisory council, our supporters, partners, and volunteers, the many government agencies we work with throughout the year, and the members of our great operations team, who consistently deliver value to the New York veterans community with passion and for the right reasons.

I’m pleased to report that Mark Otto has established himself as a very effective vice president since coming aboard earlier this year. As I join our board of directors as a full member and become a volunteer president for UWVC, I will continue to work closely with Mark in his hands-on leadership role.

I hope you will take a few minutes to review the booklet. I believe it’s an effective overview of our progress and vision for the future. The entire UWVC family is committed to achieving new milestones in 2017 and beyond.

By enhancing our coordination and collaboration as individuals and groups, we are collectively advancing New York’s role as a national magnet for veterans and their families and an effective workshop for improving the ways in which we honor and support those who have served our country in uniform.

I remain deeply grateful for your interest, input, and assistance. We’ll be making some exciting announcements in the next several weeks. Please check in with us regularly online, via e-mail, or by telephone. Again, thank you.


Dan McSweeney

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