Basecamp Guests: Ashley Swartz, Sandra Goldmark, Zach McClanahan & Betsy Pantazelos

Episode Excerpt: ” We are discussing two connected programs – the first is our emerging incubator / resource center / co-working space called VetTank located on 33rd and Madison Avenue and the other is Pop-up Repair Program. These two are connected because they are ways we can use veterans to propel them forward and in doing so help those veterans out. When you bring Veterans together and in turn connect veterans with experts in the civilian world there is a lot of energy and potential that happens.” – Dan McSweeney
 Air Date: Wednesday, May 22, 2017.

Basecamp Guests:

-Ashley Swartz, Co-Founder and CEO of Furious Corp, Vet Tank Steering Committee
-Sandra Goldmark, Co-Founder of Pop Up Repair
-Zach McClanahan, Founder and CEO of Zac Mac Productions, VetTank Steering Committee
– Betsy Pantazelos,  Patagonia




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