Basecamp Guests: David Menegon, Javi Castro, Marie Delus, Ryan Hegg, Kevin Fitzpatrick & Brian Andersson

 Episode Excerpt:

 “We know a lot about WW2 and we have an awareness of the Civil War because we have living WW2 veterans and the Civil War we can walk and see the battlefields and the cemeteries. WW1 is just over the horizon and almost forgotten, In terms of its importance it is the war that kicked off the American Century and represented a seismic shift in the way the world ran. Before it was a world dominated by monarchies and after that the decline of the colonial powers and the rise of representative government on a wide scale. It gave rise to these concepts and ideas that are very much important today. Large scale humanitarian efforts we see today first started in WW1.

-Ryan Hegg

Topics Covered
-Overview of each guest veterans involvement in NYC public life
-Overview of historical commemoration efforts in NYC and nationally
-Upcoming Father Duffy Square NYC event

Air Date: Wednesday, March 29, 2017


David Menegon, US Army veteran and Manhattan Community Board 8
Javi Castro, NY State Guard veteran and Coro Fellow
Marie Delus, US Marine veteran and Mayor’s Office
Ryan Hegg, UWVC and WWI Commission
Kevin Fitzpatrick, US Marine veteran and WWI Commission
Brian Andersson Former NYC Commissioner and Community Outreach, Woodlawn Cemetery


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