Basecamp Guests: Deb Menich, Chris Johnson, Bridget Anderson, Josh Sawislak

Episode Excerpt:
Sustainability is a large challenge for the entire universe. Veterans are critical in understanding it. They grow and are trained for becoming better citizens and leaving a better footprint… How can reuse something or repurpose it? Sustainability is a boots on the ground issue. It’s a big picture issue when it comes to how corporations handle things.
-Deb Menich
Topics Covered
The topic for discussion will be sustainability, in its various guises.  Broad themes will include: What does the term mean?  How do we use it in economic/financial and environmental contexts?  What implications are there for the military and veterans community?

Air Date: Wednesday, March 26, 2017


Deb Menich, UWVC Recycling and Reuse Program
Chris Johnson, Member, Manhattan Solid Waste Advisory Board
Bridget Anderson, Deputy Commissioner, Recycling & Sustainability, Department of Sanitation
Josh Sawislak, Global Director of Resilience, AECOM

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