Basecamp Guests: Gabe Stefania, Kelly Bryan, Don Makay, Michelle Dellafave, Bill Morris

Snippet of the Episode:
 “We were asked to go with Bob [Hope] in 1969 – we were in a large jet that was especially equipped so the entire crew, the musicians, the props everything was on this special military jet. We traveled to several bases in Europe as well as our home base in Bangkok,Thailand; we went to Korea, Guam and back through Alaska. It was very top secret. Not much was known about where we were going…. To watch Bob a true patriot work and wherever we went or whatever platoon, he knew he did his homework he had lines that the guys would get hysterical about… It was such a blessing to be there.”
Michelle Dellafave
Topics Covered
-Overview of Vietnam Veterans Day
-History Behind the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Plaza
-Experiences performing with Bob Hope in Vietnam for active duty
-The role of the 69th Infantry Regiment’s involvement in the St. Patrick’s Day Parade
-UWVC’s Vietnam Veterans Day event

Air Date: Wednesday, March 15, 2017


Gabe Stefania, Friends of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Plaza
Kelly Bryan, UWVC
Don Makay, 69th Infantry Regiment
Michelle Dellafave, former Bob Hope performer
Bill Morris, Vietnam Veteran

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