Basecamp – Guests: Charles Rowe, USCG Maj Neil Ruggiero, USMC LCDR Lauren Cole, USN Sal Rasa, & Angela Coyle

Snippet of the Episode:

“New York is historically a Navy town. It’s great to have a presence here which dates back to the Brooklyn shipyards. The city has embraced the Navy wholeheartedly for centuries.  The Navy is deployed with 274 ships and 99 of those are forward deployed. Those are the ones around the world protecting the freedoms we enjoy here in America 365 days a year 24 hours a day.  The Navy has 400,000 active duty and reserve personnel and 60,000 of those personnel are the ones manning those ships, submarines, flying those aircraft, building those bridges and working with our partners and allies all over the country.  A quarter of all US jobs are directly and indirectly tied to global trade and 90% of global commerce is conducted by sea. A strong Navy is absolutely critical to our American way of life, the sustainment of our forces, and the protection of our freedoms.”

-LCDR Lauren Cole, USN

Listen to the most recent episode of Basecamp, the UWVC radio show where we take an in-depth look at veterans issues. It airs live on WPAT AM930 every other Wednesday at 6:00pm. The show is hosted by Ralph Romeo with UWVC President Dan McSweeney as moderator.


Air Date: Wednesday, February 15, 2017.


Angela Coyle, UWVC
Charles Rowe, USCG
Maj Neil Ruggiero, USMC
LCDR Lauren Cole, USN
Sal Rasa, We Are Listening
Ed Schloeman, Operation Warrior Shield

Topics Covered
What’s happening in the Active, Reserve, and National Guard forces?
How is your Service engaged with the broader NY community?
What is the current situation with the VA in NY?
Are emerging treatments and approaches being utilized in the veterans community?



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