Basecamp: Veterans Day USA

Episode Excerpt: “We have seen the growth of the parade reflect the growth of the community and the engagement of the community a show of strength and the dynamic nature of the community… everyone can put up a website, but not everyone can get thousands or tens of thousands to come out in the street in support […]


Live Recording During Vietnam Veterans Day

Context of the Episode: Every year the UWVC honors those who served in Vietnam, remembers those who made the ultimate sacrifice, and carries on the legacy of our Vietnam veterans by offering services and information to veterans of all eras. The event begins with the reading of the names of the 1,741 New Yorkers who lost their lives in […]

Mark otto and Michelle Slonim

Basecamp – Guests: Mark Otto and Michelle Rosenfeld

Episode Excerpt: “PTS is a topic that comes up often. The spectrum of what veterans need in this generation is a lot broader than it used to be. Of course you are going to have people that need to handle their PTS and there are non-profits that are playing such a relevant role such as HeadStrong. On the other end […]