The United War Veterans Council produces a year-round slate of events that bring together veterans and raise awareness about our veterans community.  These events include the New York City Veterans Day Parade, the largest Veterans Day gathering in the nation.

Our events not only honor service, but also complement the UWVC’s programs and services by:

  • Serving as a pathway for veterans and non-veteran volunteers/attendees to become further involved with UWVC’s initiatives
  • Providing positive transformative experiences for veterans who may be disengaged from their community and support structures
  • Offer participating groups platforms to pursue their own missions and goals, including recruitment, intake, team-building, recognition, networking and more.
  • Bridge the gap between generations of veterans by drawing in younger veterans to engage with their elders and their shared legacy.
  • Educate the public about the needs, challenges and contributions of our veterans
  • Demonstrate to our elected leaders that veterans represent a vibrant and significant constituency, deserving of support and resources

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