Meet DJ & Vietnam Veteran Walter Cooper

On May 25th 2017 Vietnam Veteran &  DJ Walter Cooper will spin some of his best tunes in front of the Eternal Light Monument. We asked Walter to tell us about himself and how he got into music. Here is some information on the man who will be creating the music and festivities during Fleet Week!

“I was drafted and served with the 25th Infantry in Vietnam in 1969-1970 and am a Bronze Star and Purple Heart recipient. When I saw the Beatles on the Ed Sullivan show in February 1964, I knew I would be involved in music the rest of my life. I was a drummer for a couple of bands in Brooklyn and was put on hold due to the birth of our daughter in March 1972. I started DJing in 1979 when we moved to Toms River and a couple of years later started an entertainment company. I have Superior Soundz Entertainment today and 90% of our work is for charities and fundraising. I volunteer at three horse farms that have therapy horses for disabled veterans and love every minute of it. I also do music for the VFW, American Legion, Jackson Township commission for the disabled and Handicap and a few others.”

Thanks for sharing your talents with us and see you May 25th!