Basecamp – Guests: Alexis Wichowski, Joe Bello, Ryan Hegg & Tony Davis


The UWVC is proud to present Basecamp, our new radio show on veterans issues!   Our first episode, hosted by Ralph Romeo, aired on WPAT AM930 on Wednesday, January 18, 2017.

Episode Excerpt:

“We invite subject matter experts who have views on the veterans community in NYC. Remember this is non partisan forum- we are not talking about politics instead we are discussing issues that relate to their families and how we can improve their situation.”

-Dan McSweeney

For our inaugural show, UWVC President Dan McSweeney served as moderator, guiding a wide-ranging discussion amongst our special guests:

  • Joe Bello
    NY MetroVets
  • Tony Davis
    Relationship Manager (NY/NJ)
    U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs
  • Ryan Hegg
    Head of Production/Advocacy
    United War Veterans Council (UWVC)
  • Alexis Wichowski
    Press Secretary & Senior Advisor for Communications
    NYC Department of Veterans Services

We also welcomed Jon Bremner of the musical “Deployed” via phone, who spoke about this unique piece of theater and veterans in the arts in general.



Stay tuned for more information on future shows; we invite you to listen in and join the conversation!