Dear Friend:

Thank you for your continued interest in and support of the United War Veterans Council.

Like the broader veterans community, we are in the midst of an evolution and want to describe how we are fine-tuning our efforts to meet the needs of our latest greatest generation of veterans and families while maintaining our commitment to previous generations and our great traditions.

Our history, best represented by the commitment of our former Board and Volunteers, who built UWVC from the ground up over three decades, will continue to act as our guide.

Just as they met the community on the streets, our continued objective is to meet veterans where we are on the spectrum of needs.  We will drive toward this objective through:

  • Veterans Advocacy – Raising general and focused awareness, understanding, and support; Participating in social and policy discussions; Convening and helping to coordinate stakeholders in order to promote unity; Helping to create new veteran advocates through our events and other programs
  • Veterans Services – Referring veterans to programs and resources; Conducting resource events; Sponsoring and supporting individuals, organizations, and programs that demonstrate effective impacts; Conducting personal and professional development programming
  • Veterans Sustainability – Operating a social enterprise focused on recycling; Offering discounts at partner retail outlets; Employing veterans in recycling operations; Educating veterans in sustainability issues

As we have in the past, we continue to operate in a non-partisan, apolitical manner as conveners of veterans and their families in the five boroughs of New York City and, through our signature event, America’s Parade, in communities across the United States.

Veterans are the “connective tissue” in New York and across America.  We will display the same values we exemplified while in uniform in our work to improve our communities.

The countdown to the Veterans Day Centennial in 2019 has begun.  This year, the
15th anniversary of the 9/11/2001 attacks and the 25th anniversary of Desert Storm, we highlight the contributions of our Armed Services and our First Responders during these generation-defining experiences.

Join us as we step, Together Forward.


Doug McGowan


Dan McSweeney