UWVC at Fleet Week 2019 | Unveiling of the USS San Diego plaque

UWVC Executive Director Mark Otto spoke at the unveiling of the USS San Diego plaque in Times Square (specifically Duffy Square).

The USS San Diego was an armored cruiser that sunk after striking a mine deployed from a German U-boat on July 19, 1918 off the coast of Fire Island (located near our own New York City, as it was entering New York harbor). The USS San Diego was the only ship during WWI to be lost to enemy action in American waters.

Captain Harley H. Christy, the ship’s commander, made an “abandon ship” order to his 1,183-man crew. Only 6 perished.

The USS San Diego plaque features the names of the 6 sailors lost on that fateful day:

Fireman First Class, Clyde C. Blaine of Lomita, CA
Engineman 2nd Class, Thomas E. Davis of South Mansfield, LA
Seaman 2nd Class, Paul J. Harris, Cincinnati, OH
Machinist’s Mate 2nd Class, Andrew Munson, St. Paul, MN
Engineman 2nd Class, James F. Rochet of Blue Lake, CA
Machinist’s Mate 2nd Class, Frazier O. Thomas of Charleston, WV