UWVC Executive Director Attends Queen Elizabeth’s Birthday – 2019

Follow along as our UWVC Executive Director Mark Otto as he travels to London to attend the birthday celebrations of Queen Elizabeth II!

June 6

Big thanks to my good friend Eddie Rooney who serves with the Irish Guards for taking me around London today and making some key introductions. I presented a 2019 Centennial NYC Veterans Day Parade mini banner to the Regimental Adjutant of the Irish Guards. I then had the honor of meeting a 95 year old veteran of both the British and U.S Armies. George first served England during WWII in Burma. He then joined the U.S Army and served in the Infantry during the Korean War before joining Special Forces and serving during the Vietnam War. He was awarded both the Silver Star and the Bronze Star. I was very impressed when I toured the 5 star accommodations that are provided to 300 retired military pensioners at the Royal Hospital in Chelsea who’s history dates back to the 1700s. It brought me great joy to know that these veterans are given top notch treatment after devoting their lives to service of their country.

Semper Fi, MO 🎗🇺🇸#UWVC

June 8

Queen’s Birthday celebrations – We started the morning at Wellington Barracks watching the troops as they prepared and formed up into the line of march for the Horse Guards Parade. We then proceeded to the Mall where we viewed the parade and watched as the Royals road by on their way to the Trooping of the Colour Ceremony. Afterwards, I attended a luncheon hosted by the Prince of Wales’s Leinster Regiment (Royal Canadians) Association. I was honored to sit at the Head Table and I was asked to address the group on behalf of the United War Veterans Council, Inc. Special thanks to David Ball and Eddie Rooneyfor their hospitality.

Semper Fi, MO 🇺🇸🎗🇬🇧 #UWVC




June 9

The Combined Irish Regiments Parade’s roots can be traced back to the early 1920s. The parade is followed by a wreath laying ceremony to honor fallen Irish Servicemen of all eras. It was an honor to represent the United War Veterans Council and to once again march alongside our allies on this special day. On November 11th our foreign allies from several nations will converge in New York to participate in the Centennial NYC Veterans Day Parade.

Semper Fi, MO #UWVC

June 10

Great connecting with my friend Ed Parker who is CEO of a Prince Harry endorsed veteran support organization called Walking with the Wounded. They organize ruck marches across England for “at risk” veterans as a form of social fitness. Last year I hosted them for a luncheon at the NYSE after they completed a ruck across America. I’ve invited them to the Centennial NYC Veterans Day Parade. We are planning a few Royal ideas for the coming year. Stay tuned!

Semper Fi, MO 🇺🇸🎗🇬🇧


June 11

Glad that I was able to reconnect with Victoria Craig who’s a friend that moved from NYC to London. She use to be a reporter for FOX. She now works for the BBC and her boyfriend works at the Financial Times. I’m happy to say that as a result of our meeting she plans on meeting up with her dad who’s an Army Veteran and lives in Seattle at the NYC Veterans Day Parade. Funny fact – this coffee shop is underground and is a converted public toilet. You can see that the marble counter on our left is built around what use to be urinals and you can see the plumbing on the upper left. Definitely the most unique coffee shop I’ve ever been in. Cheers!

Last day in London. Getting some tourist rucking miles in. 🇬🇧🎗🇺🇸

Just met fellow veteran Joe from Detroit at Heathrow Airport. He served in the Navy on LSTs and was involved in Nuclear Weapons. Joe was deployed to both Korean and Vietnam Wars.

Semper Fi, MO 🎗🇺🇸 #VeteransAbroad