Health & Wellness Update – June 19, 2019

Health and Wellness Wednesday!

Big thanks to 5 Guys in Shrewsbury NJ for treating our visiting veterans from Samaritan Daytop Village to a hearty lunch of burgers, shakes and fries.

Our partners from Serenity Stables From Combat To Calm led a riding therapy session at ForeLuck Farm. 3 of the 4 veterans had been riding once before. Today’s equine training included grooming & tacking up the horses, mounting, dismounting, steering, navigating around obstacles and progressive muscle relaxation techniques.

Feedback from the vets was all very positive. They felt more confident in their abilities and they were able to more quickly establish a bond with the horses. Their focus on being “in the moment” was impressive and it will be an important step in their progression.

We ended the day at Ani Art Academies America in Red Bank where Kevin Moore gave instruction on drawing whales in charcoal pencil. We concentrated on shading techniques which is more difficult than it would seem. However, our goal isn’t to become fine artists. Instead, we use the time to allow the veterans to tap into the creative side of their minds in order to block out all of the clutter in life.

Semper Fi, MO 🎗🇺🇸