PARTNER PROFILE: Dignity Memorial

As producers of the largest Veterans Day event in America, UWVC is fortunate to work with a wide range of partners who are dedicated to honoring, serving and supporting America’s veterans.

For this edition, we spotlight Dignity Memorial.  Dignity’s Laura Macho tells us:

“During these very challenging times, we still try to focus on current veteran services and veteran recognitions.  Werst & LaBella Funeral Home in Glendale, NY (Queens) was honored to remember our nations’ Vietnam Veterans for Vietnam Veterans Recognition Day.  Kirk Thompson, the Manager of this firm, placed banners on the front lawn of the funeral home. So, those who walked by or drove by his firm, would see them. He received many calls of thanks for remembering the sacrifices and service of these veterans.”

“Even with the new restrictions regarding our National Cemeteries, our Dignity Memorial Funeral Homes in New York City continue their commitment of providing military burial services for unclaimed veterans’ remains. We are proud to have assisted with over 230 military burial services for unclaimed veterans since January of 2011.”