Health & Wellness Update – May 29, 2019

Health and Wellness Wednesday- Our day ended with drawing Bob Ross landscapes at Ani Art Academies America !

What could be more therapeutic than some “happy happy clouds and some happy happy trees.” Samaritan Daytop Village Assistant Director Roger Walker who’s a Navy Veteran made the trip out to see what the vets have been engaging in for the past few years. He was very impressed with the impact of our program.

Our participating vets today were from the Army, Navy and Coast Guard. For several of them this was the first time engaging in equine therapy. Serenity Stables From Combat To Calm led a session that included mindfulness exercises and grooming.

Big thanks to Umberto’s Pizzeria for once again cooking up a platoon sized lunch along with some extra for our folks at the farm.

Lots of smiles today. Mission accomplished.

Semper Fi, MO 🎗🇺🇸

Mark Otto

UWVC Executive Director