Health & Wellness

A Holistic Approach to Helping Veterans

The UWVC coordinates a series of health and wellness programs that provide therapeutic benefits to veterans, including:

  • EQUINE THERAPY: Horses help veterans cope with mental issues by increasing feelings of calm and empathy.
  • SAILING: Veterans work together to overcome challenges by harnessing the elemental power of the sea.
  • ART THERAPY: Enable veterans to safely expressing complex feelings and issues through creative works.
  • RUCKING: Military-style marching/hiking with weighted backpacks; provides fitness and mental health benefits.
  • ASSISTED/UNASSISTED SPORTS: Introduce veterans with physical challenges to new competitive sports.
  • CAMPING: Provides an outdoors respite from the stresses of urban life.

Integration with Legacy & Education

We integrate many of our health and wellness activities activities with our legacy and education efforts, by connecting veterans participating in our therapeutic programs to military and veteran history and highlighting the positive contributions of veterans to our society.

Health & Wellness Partners

We are grateful for the support and participation of our health and wellness partners, including:

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