PRESS RELEASE: Nick Angione to lead UWVC Board


Outgoing Chair Doug McGowan to continue to serve in Emeritus role and as Board Member

NEW YORK, NY, June 29, 2020 – Marine Corps veteran Nick Angione, a long-time leader in the construction management industry, has been named Chairman of the Board at the United War Veterans Council (UWVC), producer of the New York City Veterans Day Parade, outgoing UWVC Chairman Doug McGowan announced today.  The transition was initially planned for earlier this year, but McGowan stayed in his role for an additional quarter in order to help Angione prepare to guide the organization through its response to the COVID-19 crisis.

Angione has served for the last two years as a Board Member of the UWVC. Prior to that he served as a volunteer and as a member of the UWVC Advisory Council. McGowan, having completed a six-year term as Chairman, will continue to serve UWVC as an Emeritus Chairman and will remain on the UWVC Board as a Director. Nick will work closely with the UWVC operations team, led by Executive Director and fellow Marine Veteran Mark Otto.

As a Marine, Angione served as an Operator at 2nd Recon Battalion, one of the most elite units in the United States Marine Corps. Recon Marines undergo a gauntlet of training which includes testing their physical endurance and mental toughness. They operate in small surgical teams that undertake high risk missions and are capable of conducting covert operations.

Nick’s training included the Reconnaissance Indoctrination Program, Scuba and Airborne School, along with other advanced courses relative to the Special Operations Community. He was forward deployed on multiple occasions to locations around the world including Iraq and Somalia. He also conducted counter-narcotics operations along the U.S border in coordination with Federal Law Enforcement Agencies. Nick received numerous awards and commendations during his career, including: Joint Meritorious Unit Commendation; Navy Unit Commendation; Distinguished Service Medal from the State of New Jersey, Airborne Wings; Scuba Diver device, and more.

After his service, Nick worked at the New York Stock Exchange for five years before moving on to the Construction Management industry. He served as a Managing Director for a high-end residential construction and professional services company with 19 years in the industry. Nick currently works as a Home Inspector in a family-run business alongside his brother, and lives in New Jersey with his three children Alex, Jacqui and Nico.

“I consider it an honor and a privilege to follow in the footsteps of the giants who came before me,” Angione said. “Doug McGowan played a vital role in guiding the UWVC through a critical period in our organization while honoring the legacy of the founding UWVC Board Members. He guided the UWVC through a successful modernization and transition from Vietnam War era leadership to a diverse Board comprised of Desert Storm-era and Post-9/11 Service Members. Under Doug’s leadership, UWVC grew its brand, expanded its programs, cemented its relationship with key sponsors and officials, carried a positive balance sheet, successfully delivered the Centennial NYC Veterans Day Parade which celebrated 100 years of honoring the service and sacrifice of veterans from all generations, and secured the first ever participation by the Commander In Chief.”

“Nick Angione brings his history, his leadership experience, his family, his network, his work ethic and – most importantly – his willingness and desire to step into this leadership role asa volunteer focused on honoring and serving our veterans,” McGowan said.

“It’s been an absolute honor to lead the UWVC over the past 6 years,” continued McGowan. “2020 represents a time for new beginnings, both for the UWVC and for the next century of the NYC Veterans Day Parade. I consider my volunteer service at the UWVC to be one of the greatest achievements of my lifetime. And now, it’s time to step back while remaining a Board Director so that I can focus on my family, my professional career, and other worthy community-based initiatives in my life. UWVC’s Board will continue delivering our mission, in coordination with our Executive Director and our Operations Team. I am fully confident that I am leaving my position as Chairman in the capable hands of Nick Angione who will continue to lead us with honor and integrity, and I am very excited for what comes next for UWVC!”